Are you looking for the best futsal ball in 2017? There are so many good balls out there, but which one is the best? We know it’s a struggle to find the best futsal ball, that’s why we are here to help you. Futsal Freaks made the list of best futsal balls in 2017. Choose your ball category and see our recommendations. Please let us know which one is your favorite by sharing this post on facebook or other social media.







Best futsal ball for beginners

You are just starting with futsal and you don’t know which ball to choose?
Stay calm, we know it’s a big world of different possibilities, but we are here to help. The first rule: don’t get blinded by the price. Higher price doesn’t always mean better quality. Since you are just starting with futsal, it’s more important to get to know the rules, practice as much as possible and have fun in the meantime.
Don’t put too much energy into finding the PERFECT ball, because basically until it’s round and filled with air, it will be OK for a non-professional futsal level.

Baden Low Bounce Futsal Practice Ball

For beginners we recommend this Baden ball, because by our experience, it offers best price-quality performance.
Size 4 is the official recommended size for futsal ball.
Don’t forget to check if it’s optimally filled before you start the game.
Check it futsal ball

Best futsal balls for professionals

Nike Clube Futsal Ball

Best ball for pro players. This Nike ball offers the best performance for professional users. It offers optimal control and low bounce in the indoor arena.
Make sure you take a good care of it and it will be your best friend for a long time.
We recommend to wipe it with dry cloth before each game and fill with air to assure the best performance.
Check it here.

best futsal ballSelect Sport America Jinga Futsal Ball

Made of synthetic leather surfaces with a low bounce rate for perfect control and easy play.
The new technology ensures optimal playing characteristics and bounce.
This ball comes with a one year warranty. When ordering the ball keep in mind that the ball ships deflated so a ball pump is required to inflate the ball before you can use it. Check it herebest futsal ball

Adidas Euro 2016 France Sala 65 Futsal 

Another top quality futsal ball which professionals use for their training or for playing matches. It is popular in Europe, the Adidas futsal ball in made of 100% Polyurethane and is a ball with less bounce or a ball which is used to play futsal. An official ball in some places.
So if you want a ball that will give you the maxximum then this ball will be perfect.
It is our favourite ball of our best futsal balls for professionals.
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Best futsal balls for kids

Uber Soccer Futsal Ball Brazillian Size 3

Kids under 10 years old play with a smaller ball in size 3. It’s crucial to pick the right size, so kids are able to learn and progress without losing interest in the game. Available in different colors.
If we pick a ball which is too big, we put kids in danger of unwanted injuries. It’s important that kids are able to control the ball and develop needed skills for the future. This ball is the best for practice and game time.
Check it here.
best futsal ball


So you came to the end of our best futsal ball list. Which ball did you prefer the most?
Let us know your recommendations and reviews, write in the contact section to contant futsal ball

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