Best indoor soccer shoes for wide feet 2016

Will those boots fit my wide foot?

With the new season coming and all of the new releases on the sports shoe market, we had to compile a list of the very best indoor soccer shoes for wide feet at the moment.

[su_box title=”Natural leather is the answer.” box_color=”#e6545e” radius=”0″]Natural leather – will stretch over time, meaning they will become more accommodating. Typically synthetics will not, or at least will stretch significantly less.[/su_box]

Check out this three shoe models to find the best indoor soccer shoes for wide feet.


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Soleplate is here to cushion and give you the best possible grip for fast movement and soft feeling. You can choose between shoes that are very low and with ones that you can almost feel the ground of your feet or those that are a bit thicker and give you the soft feeling.

The right shoe size in important when looking for indoor soccer shoes for wide feet.

Better insoles. All that foam and cheap gel stuff are not so good for your feet. It might not fall apart and it seems durable, but it should do more good for your feet then it actually does.

It is important that you choose the leather upper material or something similar to leather so it can widen with use.

The heel of your foot should be locked in place when wearing your indoor soccer shoes.

You can actually take a look at those insoles which are best sellers on amazon and check some comment and reviews:

Superfeet wideGREEN Premium Insoles

indoor soccer shoes insoles

You can buy best indoor soccer shoes for wide feet online.

You can find the best deal online and then order them, but it is important that you try the shoes before buying them from the online store. You can go to a local store and try some models on and if they fit perfectly and are wide enough you can, later on, order the exact model.

It is important for the arch of the foot that stands perfectly, so you should think about trying some different models of shoes and make sure which are the most comfortable.


I always use to go to a shoe store and try on a bunch of different shoes so they could accommodate my “severely flat feet”.What you need to realize is that many of the shoes out there is a width of “D,” which is very standard and fits a large majority of the population. But what you need is special width shoes. This falls into the category of EE, EEE, and EEEE.

It is good if you can go to a local shoe store and let your feet correctly measured, they will tell you the size of your foot and in which category you belong.

So for the best indoor soccer shoes for wide feet, you should pay attention to the overall fit of the boot with a focus toward the heel width, instep height, forefoot width, and toe box depth.

Wide feet can be wide in different ways, some have wide toes, others have flat arches and need a wider insole.

We hope the guide was useful and that you find the best indoor soccer shoes for wide feet.