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Best futsal soccer ball in 2017

Hello futsal lovers, In this article we will describe the best futsal soccer ball in our opinion. Take a look at our best futsal soccer ball or futsal ball choice.Futsal ball is a more appropriate naming, but everyone will know if you say futsal soccer ball.
We can say it differently but the ball stays the same, it is a futsal ball ment to play futsal soccer futsal ball


In our oppinion the best futsal soccer ball in 2016 is the one used when playing big tournaments such as UEFA euro cup.
Highest FIFA ranked ball, passed tests on shape, size retention, weight and water uptake. Keep in mind that the official ball is size 5. It is not the cheapest ball out there but is surely the best one in our opinion.
So the best futsal soccer ball in our opinion is the adidas euro official futsal match ball.

Detailed view and price for Adidas euro 2016 official match ballbest soccer futsal ballfutsal soccer ball

  • Highest FIFA ranked ball, part of the Euro 2016 Collection,
  • The official match ball used by professional soccer players in the European Championship games.
  • Better touch and lower water uptake
  • Size 5 is the official ball size
  • High-end materials for perfect on-field performance
  • Ball passed tests on weight, water uptake, shape and size retention

 Do not forget!

As the ball ships deflated, we suggest you buy a pump.

You can make sure your futsal ball will be inflated perfectly with the control of how much air will you input.
A dual action pump gives great performance.dual action pump


We suggest you buy the select futsal soccer ball if you want to play amateur or recreational futsal.
Another soccer futsal ball in our opinion that give good performance in and outdoor.
If you don’t need a ball that is used by professionals the select futsal ball is just the thing you need.
A perfect training and match ball for futsal. Hand-sewn with two year warranty.
It is a low bounce ball for perfect control. You will get a great deal with this futsal ball

A futsal soccer ball it is a ball that have less bounce and is meant to be used when playing futsal.
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As we can see, the Adidas futsal ball is the best on the market, but we can get a good futsal soccer ball for less money. You can check our post about the best futsal balls in 2016, where we compered and made a detailed list of few best futsal soccer balls out there.

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