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Joma futsal shoes review 2017

Joma futsal shoes are one of the best shoes to play futsal with. We made lists of Nike futsal shoes, Adidas futsal shoes, Kelme futsal shoes. Now it’s time to make a list of the best Joma futsal shoes.

If you are looking to buy or are thinking which futsal shoes to choose in the new season. You are in the right place. Joma futsal shoes will give you good performance. From good grip to a nice comfortable feeling. Joma futsal shoes are affordable and you will not regret buying them.

To know Joma futsal shoes better we created a shortlist of the best 3 Joma futsal shoes in 2016 out there. Let us start with the first pair.

Joma futsal shoes super regate

Joma futsal shoes

Our favourite shoe from Joma. Great overall performance. Cushioned inside of the shoe gives you the maximum comfort. The materials used are good and will lock your foot in place. It is surely a nice looking shoe. The under sole is made of good rubber that grips perfectly on the pitch. Playing futsal can be better if you have good shoes. This shoe was rated well as well our research show that many players were satisfied with this shoe. This model is durable enough for futsal players. I would not bring this shoe on the outdoor court.

Joma futsal sala max


Good futsal shoe from Joma and cheap enough so you can afford to try them out. Great Joma futsal shoes with great grip and overall performance. This shoe locks your foot in place and gives you the comfort needed. When playing futsal, the last thing you want is to have sore feet after the game. A friend had this shoes and he was pretty happy with them. I think the first pair is a better choice because I personally owned them. It doesn’t mean that this shoe is not good enough. This is just my personal suggestion. You should try those if you think that will be good for you and if you like them visually of course. We know that futsal shoes are meant for indoor soccer but lots of people buy them to play outside. Here is the trick. I suggest you buy the last model if you want to try them in the open too.

 Joma futsal Liga 5

Nice indoor soccer shoes from Joma. If you want to have good quality shoes for less money then you can choose those. These shoes are really good looking and cheap too. You can choose between lots of colors. Very good materials as well as the grip and comfort. Dribbling and shooting in those should not be a problem. Pro futsal players use this Joma shoes as well so why wouldn’t you try them on the pitch. You will get a really good futsal shoe when buying this. Less money for more quality. When you take the most from them on the indoor court. Bring them on the open field and show your friends what a durable shoe is.

Are you looking for nice indoor soccer shoes?

I owned a pair of Joma futsal shoes not so long ago and I have to say that those shoes went hard. I have scored some great goals and my dribbles were great. As we know, it is important if the sole is grippy and that the shoes are made from good materials.

Personal thoughts

Nice indoor soccer shoes from Joma. Joma makes beautiful futsal shoes and their quality is not questionable. I am thinking of buying one pair not that I am making this review. Good grip from all of the models and those are made of quality materials too. Do you want to buy cheap futsal shoes or you want to buy good futsal shoes? This question is a must when buying futsal shoes. I can give you this advice. Don’t buy cheap futsal shoes without reading a review about them or consulting a friend who had them.

We hope this article was helpful. These three pairs are our favourites and we hope that one will become your favourite too. If you could share this article on facebook or any social media it would be pretty awesome. Thanks.