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Kelme indoor soccer shoes

We made a list of the best Kelme indoor soccer shoes for futsal soccer. Kelme futsal shoes are meant to give you the best performance avalible and to coper with the pressure of the match. Running, dribbling will be easier with the Kelme indoor soccer shoes, because their sole is made of very good grippy materials. The michellin sole will give you the grip wanted. Passing opponents, great touch, the feel is very good and the materials used are really good too. The fit is perfect and you will surely be satisfied with those.kelme-futsal-shoesI was playing futsal for quite a time and I have to say that the first model on the list is better. I owned the first model and the second one on the list. The first one is more durable and is made of better materials. the second model will perform great too. The second pair is soft and comfortable and because of this, after some time it can become harder to play in them.

I personally prefer the first model. Kelme shoes are widely known after the Kelme star 360 Michelin soccer shoe. This’s my favourite 3 pairs of Kelme indoor soccer shoes.

Kelme indoor soccer shoes: Kelme Star 360 Michelin soccer shoesKelme indoor soccer shoes

Like I said, I was using this shoes for two seasons. It performed great and is made from great materials. the passing and dribbling were easy with this shoe. The grip was perfect because of the Michelin sole and compact design. This futsal shoes are available in different colours and can be purchased online. I was ordering them from Amazon. The number were good and the fit was perfect. It depends really on how you like your shoes to be, but I suggest you to try them out. They lasted long enough and after using them for indoor soccer I was playing outside with those shoes. It is really a good shoe and I would suggest you buying it.

Kelme indoor soccer shoes: Kelme Copa futsal shoesKelme indoor soccer shoes

Another great shoe from Kelme. This Kelme futsal shoe is perfect for players that play soft and want to play futsal or indoor soccer with the technique and not the strength. It is a great futsal shoe to feel the ball and with great sole grip. I owned one pair of this and it made we super happy. When rolling the ball it was fun because of such good grip. After a good performance on the ball, I have to say that this shoe is soft.

Great feel and great performance. This shoe is a bit more expensive then the first model on the list, if you can afford it there is no problem. If you think it is too much then I really suggest you to, buy the first one on the list. You will actually be happy with both models. The only thing that matters it’s the price of the shoe. Both models give great comfort. The first model has better durability.

Kelme indoor soccer shoes: Kelme K Tecnica Indoor football shoesKelme indoor soccer shoes

Great looking indoor soccer shoe from Kelme. I have to say that I never owned one of those. They look great and I want to try them once. The thing is that they have the Michelin sole too. I think you will get all with those. We made some research and came across a guy saying that this was the best shoe ever for him. I can’t say much because I never owned them but they look good right? Kelme futsal shoes have a reasonable price because are made from similar materials than the other models. So why not give it a try.

Conclusion on Kelme indoor soccer shoes:

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