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Top 10 futsal shoes

This is our list of top 10 futsal shoes in 2016

[su_frame]Firstly when buying shoes you have to take a look at the materials they are made of. As a more agile player that plays strong duels we suggest you buy something like a Nike tiempos type of shoe. If you dribble and run, that was me when playing futsal. I was buying Nike gatos shoes, those were my favourite. If you like Adidas more, then the Adidas ACE should be a great replacement fort the Nike gato’s.[/su_frame]

number one on our list for top ten futsal shoes
top 10 futsal shoes

Firstly on our list of top 10 futsal shoes we put our favourite shoes, the Nike gato. This shoes are durable, are thick enough to have your feet safe when shooting and someone blocks your leg and are not too thick, so you can feel the ball in them. Those shoes are good to play indoor soccer and outdoor too. Are durable and are made of good materials. The leg feels comfortable inside and the heel deepth was just right in my case.

Second shoes on our top 10 futsal shoes in 2016
top 10 futsal shoes

We have the Adidas ACE. An affordable pair of Adidas shoes, nice design and comfortable shoe. Made for indoor soccer. Good materials for a good touch and light shoes. Synthetic, rubber sole and a totalskin synthetic with cushioning for a better touch. Good grip with the WEB designed surface. This model is on our second position for the top ten futsal shoes in 2016.

Number three on our top 10 futsal shoes list

Joma super Regate. A classic when it comes to futsal, the Joma brand is one of the top brands in the world for futsal. They have quality shoes that are good for indoor soccer or futsal. We at futsalfreaks put those shoes on the third place because we wanted you to see that there are more shoes and models that can be good for you. Those shoes are more popular in Brazil and Europe in our opinion.

Top 10 futsal shoes in 2016 position four
top 10 futsal shoes

The Nike hypervenom x shoes, designed with and anatomical fit and flywire cables. Good agility and locked foot with this shoes. Good texture and asimetrical lacing give you better ball control and a precise shoot or pass. Not only a light and quality shoe but a good texture and very nice shoes from Nike. Made of synthetic, gives you glove like fit, rubber sole, with Nike skin technology those shoes are good for indoor and even outdoor football.

Fifth position for top 10 futsal shoes in 2016
top 10 futsal shoes

The nike tiempo is a classic too. Shoes that are meant for big players and phisicaly strong players. Made of leather, with a rubber sole. This is a soft shoe, with a comfortable inside. You can trust a shoe that is made of leather. Your feet will fit in perfectly. Try them out on the court, are good for indoor soccer and for outdoor. You can’t miss with the classic nike tiempo futsal shoes.

Number six on our list of top 10 futsal shoes in 2016
top 10 futsal shoes

Adidas X 15.1 ct. Nice model from the Adidas brand. Shoes that come with a nice orange color, the Adidas X 15.1 ct are one of our best shoes for indoor soccer. Can be used for playing outside too but due to the thin upper they are more durable for when playing indoor futsal. Made of synthetic and leather materials, with the reinforced cage that provides stability when players need it the most. With and tounge-less design that provides a more responsive fit. The traditional low cut booth. Non rubber marking outsole ideal for indoor courts. With improved touch, stability and responsive feel. One of our favourite when it comes to Adidas.

Top 10 futsal shoes number 7
top 10 futsal shoes

Nike magista x finale IC. Shoes made for good passes with a fine touch. The magista x can provide the feel and good touch and we recommend them to players that are not so confident when dribbling or scoring. Synthetic shoe with tubber sole. You get the control and feel with the upper calfskin leather. Asymetrical lacing can give you a better feel too. Lunarloon midsole give the cushioning feel. Durable and comfortable shoe with a special design.

Top 10 futsal shoes number 8
top 10 futsal shoes

Nike mercurial proximo SE IC. Synthetic shoe, with a special aggressive texture gives you good friction on the ball. Flyknit upper piece provides lightweight support and breathability. With the sockliner it provides a low profile cushioning and support. Made for indoor soccer and futsal and perform great on higher playing levels. The Nike mercurial proximo futsal shoe gives that comfortable and confident feel when playing. Made for fast movement change. Dribbling can be easier with this pair of futsal shoes.

Number 9 on our top 10 futsal shoes list
top 10 futsal shoes

Nike magistax proximo indoor shoes. Same type of shoe with the sock as the Nike mercurial proximo. With a nice red color this nike futsal shoe is a synthetic and leather material one. With a rubber sole and high performance molded design with cushioning. Ultra soft leather for superior comfort and ball feel. Great in-shoe comfort and fit. Nice pattern details for touch and performance. So this one is a comfortable and durable shoe that gives you the best feel and softness.

And the last on our list of top 10 futsal shoes list
top 10 futsal shoes

Adidas performance ACE. Textile and synthetic materials. We think this shoes are made for playmakers that have a good touch and feel on the ball. Good shoes for dribbling too, because of the upper sole that gives good traction on the pitch. Made for futsal. Durable and lightweight shoes with and comfortable synthetic and textile upper. The Adidas ace can give you great performance and overall comfortnes with a great traction and ball feel.

We hope you found the right shoe model from our list of top 10 futsal shoes. Share our article if you think it was useful. Check out our other articles about best futsal balls and other futsal equipment in 2016.