High top indoor soccer shoes

High top indoor soccer shoes are a thing now in 2016, you can be sure that if you pay for them you are getting the quality you deserve too. People are buying these shoes because they look awesome and because they can perform better on your feet. High top indoor soccer shoes are good even for outdoor courts.

high top indoor soccer shoes

They have a good sole and are pretty durable. If you want high top turf shoes you should get the ones with the small plastic cleats under the sole, that are made for turf ground. High top indoor soccer shoes look awesome too. With good material quality and good comfort, they will offer you the best performance possible. If you have the money to buy them and you are thinking of it, i can tell you that the high top indoor soccer shoes are great. You have to make sure to try them out before ordering them. The heel for example of the new models are a bit different, so before ordering them online, try them first somewhere.

The important thing about high top indoor soccer shoes is that they are really good because they give you support in the ankle. So it can be a bit harder to get your ankle sprained.

Those are my two favourite high top indoor soccer shoes:

Nike Magistax Proximo IC

  • synthetic-and-leather
  • US Sizes
  • Authentic Nike Gear Guarantee
  • High performance molded design with cushioning for great in-shoe comfort and fit at all times
  • Ultra Soft Leather for superior comfort and ball feel, with updated pattern details for a dependable performance

high top indoor soccer shoes

Nike Mens MercurialX Proximo

  • Synthetic
  • One-piece, tongue-less Dynamic fit collar fits over the ankle for a sock-like feel that locks the foot in place
  • Ultra lightweight upper ensures a weightless feel ACC (All Conditions Control) provides maximum control in any weather
  • Flexible
  • Low-profile outsole brings the foot closer to the ground and quickness in all directions

high top indoor soccer shoes

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