How to play futsal? You don’t know it yet?

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[su_box title=”All you want to know on how to play futsal.” box_color=”#4cb2ba” radius=”0″]Do you want to know how to play futsal? You are at the right place! If you are a beginner and want to learn this amazing team sport, read further and find out the basic rules, equipment needed and game progress.[/su_box]

Basic rules

Futsal is the younger brother of soccer – learn main differences, so you will be able to follow other players on the field. Although the field is smaller comparing to the soccer pitch, futsal is a very fast game and physical condition is mandatory.

So, the main purpose of the game is the same as in soccer: you want to score more goals than your opponents. There are five players in each team, one of them is a goal-keeper. Only he/she is allowed to use hands, but only in a dedicated part of the court.

If someone asks you how to play futsal? Futsal is played indoors, usual dimensions for the court are 40 x 20 m (44 x 22 yd). The game is divided into two halftimes, each lasts 20 minutes. Time stops for each ‘dead ball’ (out, foul, etc.).


  • Ball

Futsal is played with a smaller and heavier ball than soccer. Futsal ball has less bounce, which provides a faster game.
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  • Goal

Usually, goals are part of the court and part of the indoor arena where you play.
They are 2 meters high and 3 meters wide. A part of the goal is also a safety net, which saves the ball inside the goal in case of scoring. So it is easier for the referee to notice the goal.

  • Sports shoes

How to play futsal? You need the right shoes. The official term for futsal sports shoes is futsal boots or even futsal shoes. They are available in many different designs and colors, but the common thing for all of them is the rubber outsole.
They are made especially for this fast paced game, so they offer fast movement, quick change of direction and precise ball control. For beginners basically and kind of indoor sports shoes will do, but when you reach a higher level of expertise, you will see that investing in a good pair of boots is crucial to step up your game.
Don’t forget also on your health and well-being, good shoes will provide comfort on and off-court.
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  • Sports clothing

Players have numbers on their shirts and shorts, high socks and soft shin guards in the team color.
For occasional players, any t-shirt and shorts will do the job if playing outside with friends or a friendly match.

Still want to know how to play futsal? So let’s play!

OK, now we know the basic rules and we have all the needed equipment. Now it’s game time.
Part one on how to play futsal for beginners.
  • Greet the opposite team
  • Toss the coin, to decide which team starts the game
  • The game starts from the center of the field. The team which doesn’t have the ball has to stand outside the center circle. The team with the ball kicks it in from the center point, and the games begin.
  • Players with goal possession try to score a goal, the defense team is trying to prevent them from doing so.
    Both can touch the ball with foot and head, sometimes even chest. Hands can be used only by the goalie, inside the borders of the penalty box. The goalie can’t kick the ball, he should throw it – he has four seconds to do that.
  • Substitutions are unlimited and made anytime between the game. The player has to leave the court before the substitute comes in. There are dedicated lines, where exchange takes place.
  • When the ball goes off the court, the opposite team kicks it back in. The player has only four seconds to kick the ball from the line to the court. He can also score from that position.
Part two on how to play futsal for beginners.
  • Futsal doesn’t allow rough behavior, like dozing or hooking. Any kind of rough play is punished with an indirect free kick for opposite team, from the spot where the foul was made.
    After the team receives 5 fouls in one halftime, opponents are awarded a penalty kick from the second penalty mark (10m away from goal) for every following foul.
  • A penalty kick is performed in the case that the foul is made inside the goalkeeper’s area or with 5 fouls accumulated. The penalty mark is 6m away from the goal.
  • Players can be also punished for a harsh game with a yellow or red card. The yellow card is basically a first warning and the red card means that the player has to leave the court immediately.
    Two yellow cards are the same as one red card – player has to leave the game.
  • As mentioned above: the team which scores more goals in the 40min time wins the game.

So we came to a conclusion on how to play futsal.

Invest more in a good pair of shoes. That’s crucial here, good shoes can be a game changer.
Play with a good ball, which fulfills the standards and also keeps in mind to have quality clothing which can give you breathability and the difference between relax or sore muscles.

We hope the guide on how to play futsal or how to play futsal for beginners was useful and helped you with the choice of giving a try with it.