bubble soccer

What is bubble soccer

What is bubble soccer?

For those who doesn’t know what is bubble soccer, we have a simple explanation.
Bubble soccer consist of a huge inflated bubble plastic ball which allows people to be inside it.
The upper body and head are protected by the ball, with only legs sticking out of the ball.

bubble soccer

The ball is designed to cover and protect the player in the bubble.
It is safe and designed to absorb impacts from bumping against the opponent or falling on the ground.
It is a fun sport where players are allowed to bump in other players.
Think of a classic football game but the players have their bodys and heads inside the ball, so they don’t get hurt when playing and failing.


  • Professional Bubble Soccer Balls
  • Made from durable PVC material
  • 1.5 diameter, for adult or teenage
  • different inner diameter avaliable
  • Ment for individuals and rental business too


bubble soccer pump

  • air exhaust and air inflation too
  • 800W professional air pump
  • Can be used for: bubble soccer ball, yacht, inflatable boat, inflatable air bed etc.
  • electric air pump for
  • Play with fun

Rules for classic bubble soccer

Bubble soccer rules are simple. They are similar to the tradition soccer rules.
The game consists on 4 players or 5, it depends on how big the pitch is.

The goal used are smaller goals, not the actual soccer ones or maybe you can make a goal made with two small objects. 3 periods of 10 minutes make the game even more interesting. It depends on the referee how much substiotutions will the game have.


bubble soccer goal

It is surely your decision how many players will be in one team and how much bubble soccer balls you can afford to procet the players. It can be a very interesting and fun game.
Now that you know what is bubble soccer you can check some examples on what is bubble soccer and game types.

  • The king of the circle

There are no teams in this type of game. Players are located inside a designated circle and are playing against each other. You play this type of game this way, one player who wipes all the others out of the circle wins (it includes knocking them down, bumping them out).

The players that get out of the circle, have to stay out until one player wins the game. The final player hwo stays on his feet is the kind of the cirle. The king of the circle is the first game type on our list what is bubble soccer.

  • Team match

Two teams face each other. They have to knock down every single one in the opposite team. More players standing, more points the team is getting.

The player which gets knocked down have to go in the corner and wait fort he wistle of the referee.
You can play differently this type of game, you ca neven call a team loser when the last player of one team fals to the ground. Second game type on our What is bubble soccer list.

  • Knock down the captain

Our last game type on our What is bubble soccer list is knock down the captain. Before the game, each team have to choose a player which identification have to be clear.
The main thing in this type of game is that you have to knock down the team captain.

The solely goal here is to knock down the captain of one team. The team who can do this first wins the game.
All the players except the captain can be knocked down and play on.

In conclusion, we support new sports and like to play them. We hope the guide was usefull and will inspire you or your children to play this safe but in the same time adrenaline-full sport.
That’s our part on what is bubble soccer.

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In the end of the article i can suggest you to watch this video and see how much fun and actually good conditioning you can get while playing bubble soccer.

Video source: youtube video from tareom, source: www.tareom.com